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Should You Really Spend Money On Wedding Programs?

Some brides and grooms question the importance of spending money on their wedding programs. Below we’ve listed a few reasons why we believe wedding programs can be a very good use of money.

Set the Tone of Your Big Day With Creative Wedding Programs

When you attend a wedding ceremony, besides the anxiety of not being able to find the venue and walking in with the bride, generally the first thing you get is a wedding program. It’s typically the thing you’re handed as you enter the venue to find your seat.

As you sit down and get yourself situated, usually there is that awkward moment where you have to look around and see who else is there, and find out what everyone else is wearing. But then, once you get comfortable, you take a few minutes and examine the wedding program. Is it a dull piece of cream colored paper with some dilly dallies on top, or is it something creative, like the itinerary printed out on a stick, so it can combo as a fan for those blistering hot summer weddings?

Either way, it’s important to set the tone of your wedding with a creative touch. You want people to sit down and say AWE…right away. It gives your guests that one-of-a-kind first impression that every one hopes for. If you lead the day off with the warm and fuzzies, it’s bound to be amazing.

Explain Your Connection to the Wedding Party in the Wedding Programs

How many times have you gone to a wedding where the only people you knew were the bride and groom? More often than not, when that is the case, you never have the chance to know who the people standing up in the wedding are. Sometimes the 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper folded in half might have “Sister of the Bride” or “Friend of the Groom,” but that is all the context that is provided. Your guests don’t know who the most important people are standing next to you.

Do the wedding party a favor and take the time to recognize the people that are standing by your side. Remember, they are there for a reason. They’re willing to spend the time and money to be a part of your wedding, so give them the appreciation they deserve. And your guests, give them what they want to know…the juicy details of how you know the guy with the great smile or the pretty blonde with the stunning eyes. It’s your day, tell your story!

Showcase Those Beautiful Engagement Photos in Your Wedding Program

Many wedding photographers will include an engagement shoot with your wedding photo package. Besides a beautiful post on Instagram, an updated Facebook profile pic, or a sweet framed image for your home, more often than not these pics go unused.  A great way to show off these shots is in your wedding program, especially if it’s a custom magazine style wedding program. 😉 check out this article on It’s spot on, in our mind.

In general, it all comes down to what’s important to you and your future other half. Do something that stands out in people’s minds. Give everyone something that won’t immediately get tossed in a pile of car crap. Take advantage of every chance you have to show your guests exactly who you are and why the Mr. & Mrs. makes sense. Show the love in your wedding programs! 👰🏻🤵🏻

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